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Brilliant stuff

Love it, keep it coming


Great stuff folks.
As usual your drawing techniques win me over every time.


People are always moaning about how short toons are on here, What can I say, it is after all a cartoon short?

Great stuff, I love the style and atmosphere, also those little guys have so much character, they raise a smile every time.

Keep it up.

Great beans

Hey I really like this, its not the greatest looking flash, but your a year older than when I first started animating, and strangely enough your work looks like my first stuff.
This I can tell you will lead into good things.
I can see that already your set to be a good animator. I say that if you have no patience, then animation is an instant no, I can see that this flash toon has taken time and that you have dedication for your art.
Keep going and be sure to keep practicing your art and new things.
keep it up.
Be sure to ignore any bad comments ;) most people dont understand the effort involved in flash animation.

Brewster responds:

Holy shit man thank you so much. That really means a lot.

Great stuff

Cool toon here, It's nice to see something that has style to it and quality too.
This reminds me of bill plymptoons, if you havent heard of them look it up.
More please :)

ChirpToonsTeam responds:

Wow, thanks so much! Bill Plympton is a huge inspiration for us so that means a lot that you would say that. More soon to come!

Uh oh

That was trully, quite scary, I feel a little unneasy at my desk after that. It was all fine up until the half closed eyeball. not right, just not right.
your at a good level now with your work, its looking great, keep up the enthusiasm and work on your drawing and you sir, will be a bad ass animator.

not quite there

That was quite a cheap flash, but i gave you three stars simply for putting my favourite part of Dumb and Dumber on my screen


haha, great stuff, really enjoyed it, the music bought it all together, plus, you must be from Norfolk or Suffolk? our accent is uncommon across these internet sites.
great stuff man

Clockworkpixel responds:

Haha I know man. Actully I'm dead in the boarder of norfork and lincolnshire haha

very nice

that was really well done, i love the classic, film festival style animation you have going on. Keep it going, very characteristic walk cycles too :D


the imagery was creepy to start with, but you went in the wrong direction with it, i was hoping you wouldnt do what you did but still keep going.

jakethejarjarbing responds:

So would gay porn be more entertaining?

I am an animator, I just cant help busting out some toons for my viewers

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